Who we are

Immersed in researching architecture, buildings, art, processes and materials; Russ constructed his first independently designed building in 1977. Continuing to design and build projects that remain a step apart from the fare served up in most of today's building activity, he engages in a full range of detail rich period residential projects from English and American Arts and Crafts, to Contemporary, International Style, and Classic Modern. This diversity reflects a rare aesthetic sensitivity and appreciation of built history to deliver outstanding project work.

The many projects of the past 34 years have retained a timeless feel, free from dated elements, materials, or surface trends. Herndon designed projects include a visionary integration of commercial/industrial building materials or products not typically applied to residential housing, also including architectural salvage and re-used material and components. These elements contribute to one of-a-kind spaces.

"The key here as with all our efforts, is to seek a strong simple approach and making a concerted effort not to follow trends, which most usually “date” a project long before the materials are in need of any replacement."  

Seamless integration of outside living spaces linked to the interior space, further engages the entire site and expands the virtual living space of our projects. Through this relationship, these unique home designs draw one to the peripheral extensions of the house through a variety of visual stimulus.