adams residence

This project allowed for a timeless update on the hipped roof ranch, with nuances of Japanese elements in the form of the courtyard and outdoor spaces, also with detailing reminiscent of FLW's early prairie work, only more spare.   


After determining that the hand framed roof and overhangs were in poor structural condition, it was still quite a leap of faith; for the homeowner to agree to remove the roof. As paneling, insulation, more bad framing and wiring were revealed, it became further obvious that the project would be time/money/and structural integrity ahead; to take it to the subfloor - leaving only the fireplace standing alone above the subfloor.  


From that point forward it was as new construction and with many opportunities for efficiency and architectural details. New trusses now clear span the house which allowed for optimal wall and room configurations. Nine foot ceilings were achieved where eight foot stood before as well as increased level return overhangs of four feet in lieu of the previous three feet.  All new glass and a very small increase from the original square footage culminated in about 3000 sq. feet overall, yet another decision for lower site impact and sustainability.