earl young

New early 20th Century Style Four-Square. This home is expertly nestled in a hillside overlooking a 1 acre pond. Light fixtures, wood work, doors and many other elements of this house are re-used items. The antique light fixtures came with an 80 year old patina, the interior doors from a school in Fort Worth Texas, and much of the wood work came from that same school while other wood in the house; trim, casing and base began a life as bleacher seats from Bloomington High School South. The nook off the kitchen features a 5 foot Rumford Fireplace built with a salvaged limestone arch which came from the Owen County Jail entrance which was torn down many years ago. An additional masonry fireplace is featured on the huge front porch with a carved design of fish motif by Russ, referencing the water element beyond.

Currently the homeowners are completing the original Herndon Design detached plan for a garage which will compliment the home and provide valuable winter shelter for vehicles.