james studio

As we challenge the amount of square feet of living space we really require (and the cumulative costs to heat, cool, and power such a space) new ideas can happen.

If this space is full of natural light and complimented with simple yet soothing warm finishes and materials; a need to fill up the space can lessen. Multi-use areas eliminate repetitious function spaces, for example; dining room/eat-in kitchen/kitchen bar or living room/family room to name a couple areas, which may be used only a small amount of time each day or sometimes not for days on end.

Clearly, 628 square feet may sound tiny in comparison with the current space consumption footprint, which in concert we all can agree could be reduced - often by a substantial amount.

Whether a single space house, guest house, studio, or a retreat in the woods, Herndon Design (a design/build company) can help you live large.